Tyre Pressures

Tyres specified by the a vehicle manufacturer also come with recommended tyre pressures, These tyres pressures permits safe operation within the specified load and speed rating. The information on the tyre sizes and pressures are usually located on a decal just inside the driver’s door, the fuel flap or if the vehicle has one, the vehicles handbook.

Tyres should not be inflated to the pressure that is stated on the sidewall of the tyre as this is the maximum pressure for that tyre, rather than the recommended pressure. It’s also very dangerous to allow tyre pressure’s to drop below the recommended pressure, should this happen the tyre wall will become more pliable than had it been of a higher pressure, and thus it will “roll” under the wheel. This increases the entire roll movement of the car, and diminishes tyre contact area on the negative side of the vector. Meaning that only half the tyre is in contact with the road, the tyre may deform to such an extent that the side wall on the positive vector side becomes in contact with the road and probability of failing in the emergency manoeuvre is then increased.

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